Ben Kuzma: NHL can adopt NBA’s COVID-19 plan, avoid ‘predictable’ NFL outbreaks

Cleveland Browns tackle Kendall Lamm wears a mask on the sidelines.

The NBA is going to training camp with a detailed coronavirus protection and detection plan.

The NHL is going into overtime trying to first set fiscal, camp and season parameters.  

The pro leagues were lauded for COVID-19 awareness by staging last season in respective and protective bubbles. However, with 2020-21 schedules that involve home games and travelling, the potential for virus spread through community transmission will be heightened.

What does this mean for the Vancouver Canucks?  

They have to keep their preventive guard up before and during camp. If training commences Jan. 1 in advance of a reduced schedule starting Jan. 15, they’ll hope the possibility of a shorter quarantine period for players returning to Canada is in place to lessen the 14-day protocol — unless the NHL builds in a COVID-19 buffer and pushes the season start to Feb. 1.

Regardless of which scenario plays out, what’s happening now in the N

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